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As a leading supplier of high quality pasture fed cows whey, we’d like to ensure Defense Nutrition’s customers that our products are heavily tested and scrutinized  so as to first and foremost ensure food safety.  The monitoring and testing of our whey include heavy metal testing which has and continues to be routinely evaluated by accredited third party laboratories in accordance to AOAC methodology.  Analytical results for Defense Nutrition whey in this past year indicate:

Heavy metal Result Method
Arsenic <0.01 ppm SM3113D
Lead <0.05 ppm SM3113B
Mercury <0.05 ppm SM3112D
Chromium <0.1 ppm SM3113B
Copper <2 ppm AOAC969.23
Selenium < 1 ppm AOAC969.23
Silver < 0.02 ppm AOAC 969.23
Cadmium < 0.02 ppm SM3113B

How does the competition fare?

According to Consumer Reports magazine:

We found that three daily servings of the ready-to-drink liquid EAS Myoplex Original Rich Dark Chocolate Shake provides an average of 16.9 micrograms (µg) of arsenic, exceeding the proposed USP limit of 15 µg per day, and an average of 5.1 µg of cadmium, which is just above the USP limit of 5 µg per day. Concentrations in most products were relatively low, but when taking into account the large serving size suggested, the number of micrograms per day for a few of the products was high compared with most others tested.

What’s the worst offender? Consumer Reports says:

The samples of Muscle Milk Chocolate powder we tested contained all four heavy metals, and levels of three metals in the product were among the highest of all in our tests. Average cadmium levels of 5.6 µg in three daily servings slightly exceeded the USP limit of 5 µg per day, and the average lead level of 13.5 µg also topped the USP limit of 10 µg per day. The average arsenic level of 12.2 µg was approaching the USP limit of 15 µg per day, and the average for mercury was 0.7 µg, well below the USP’s 15 µg-per-day limit. Three daily servings of Muscle Milk Vanilla Crème contained 12.2 µg of lead, exceeding lead limits, and 11.2 µg of arsenic. A fourth product, Muscle Milk Nutritional Shake Chocolate (liquid), provided an average of 14.3 µg of arsenic per day from three servings, approaching the proposed USP limit.

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  1. Avatar for Ori Hofmekler
    American Psycho-
    May 26, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Go to a conversion website, its that difficult. Yes the conversion should have been made clear but ppm and micrograms (µg) are the same thing. You’re welcome Ori for settling the debate, especially since people were saying that were not going to buy the product until this was settled.

    1 microgram (µg) = 0.000001 gram
    1 gram = 1 gram

    1 microgram/gram = 0.000001/1 = 1/1000000 = 1 PPM

    So yes, microgram/gram is the same as PPM.

  2. Avatar for Ori Hofmekler
    Margie Babik-
    July 16, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    Are all protein powders contaminated with toxic metals? Is this due to the processing part of the product? Why are there even minimal amounts of dangerous metals found in the protein powder? I don't understand.