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Optimal Carb Consumption: The Warrior-Approved Way

QUESTION: You are a genius. I LOVE your book. Having said that, I have some questions regarding your diet. I asked few Warriors, and then ALL gave different answers. So i figured I might ask you.

1. I am a CARB ADDICT. Can I start with bananas in the undereating phase? I am used to eating more than a chocolate a day and berries, as much as the beneficial food they are, do not stop my cravings. Bananas, however, stop them.

2. If yes, can I have 2 bananas at one sitting?

3. Can i eat honey at night? thanks

p.s. Your book rocks

Your “addiction” to carbs must be addressed. Sugar hits the same opioid receptors in the brain as crack cocaine. What’s common to all kinds of addictions is the irresistible temptation. This is what I suggest: first step, prioritize your carbs. Whole bananas are better than conventional chocolate candies. Legumes and root vegetables are better than grains. Simple sugars should be at the bottom of your carb list. The worst carbs are fructose, white sugar and all sugar syrups. Yes, that’s including honey.

Your second step is to keep the good stuff and discard the bad stuff. Use only your top prioritized carb choices, and drop the others. Meaning: bananas, beans, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash are ok whereas other carb foods are not. As for your question, you can have two bananas in one sitting but have nothing else with that, and at all times, do not mix carb foods with fat foods. But that’s not all, you can do even better than that.

Train your body to shift from carb to fat fuel. That should be your third step. Make fat your primary source of energy. Take a look at the Warrior Diet Fat Loss ebook – it will guide you how to do that. This way, you’ll be able to train your brain and body to enjoy a healthier low glycemic diet and get rid of your carb addiction.

Here is another tip: to curb sweet cravings, try chewing Warrior Whey directly from the canister (a few tablespoons at the time of your favorite flavor). To satisfy your chocolate cravings with a safe treat, check ChocoWhey™ and ChocoVegan™.

About Ori Hofmekler — founder of Defense Nutrition and author of The Warrior Diet, is a nutritional and fitness expert. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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