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Why the Common Theory of “Anti-Aging Repair” Fails

How the body’s repair mechanism turns harmful and deadly?

Oxidative damage can be life-threatening at any stage of life. For the body immediate repair is top priority – that’s to overdo any necessary task for short-term damage control and prevent immediate death. And like a wound that needs to be repaired to save a young animals’ life, molecular damage needs to be repaired as well. But the program for immediate repair is short sighted and could act like a flawed mechanism driven by the body’s main growth pathway mTOR. This pathway which is useful for growth and repair early in life, could turn harmful and deadly when overactivated later in life.

The demand for mTOR driven repair could have detrimental consequences. For instance, when the body’s repair mechanism remains chronically activated – such as due to chronic inflammatory disorders, persistent trauma or chronic overfeeding, it can lead to adverse growth, accelerated aging and cancer even at a young age. That’s one of nature’s paradoxical rules, and there is no way around it.

Consider this: inhibition of mTOR via calorie restriction has been shown to increase resistance to aging and rescue tissues from degradation. Whereas overactivation of mTOR via overfeeding, has been shown to accelerate aging and malignancy.

Yet, people in general have no clue why they prematurely age. They habitually eat too much too often and become increasingly prone to obesity, diabetes, accelerated aging and related diseases.

Our society lacks the capacity to recognize complexities of life; the average Joe cannot deal with paradoxical concepts. Despite advent research on human health, aging and longevity, people fail to recognize the difference between science and fiction. They cannot understand how the same mechanism that promote healthy development and repair early in life, can cause premature aging and malignancies later in life.

Similarly they fail to recognize the deadly risk involving the usage of repair promoting substances such as steroids, growth factors, growth hormone and anti-aging drugs.

Fatal Attempt to Revive Robustness

Most of today’s anti-aging theories encourage “revival of robustness” in an old body. This is allegedly done via overdoses of synthetic antioxidants, drugs and hormone replacements. Billions of dollars are spent annually on miracle pills and drugs for revival of lost vitality. The typical anti-aging approach refuses to acknowledge what science already established –

Anti-aging products that overdrive mTOR to accelerate repair also accelerate aging and death.

Aging CreamThe typical anti-aging approach is risky and potentially fatal. While it attempts to revive robustness by all means, it fails to acknowledge that robustness is not an adjective of health. Robustness may actually manifest itself in inflammation or malignancy.

It is because of robust activation of mTOR, that tissues become inflamed and cells become senescent or cancerous. It is because of robust mutation rate that mTOR driven tumor cells become deadly as their multiple rounds of proliferation are rapidly activated.

In conclusion,

The same nutrients and drugs that drive mTOR to promote growth and repair, can drive your body into premature aging, malignancy and death.

Revival of youth via synthetic molecules is unnatural and dangerous. Do not let reports on newly developed anti-aging drugs fool you to think otherwise. All these drugs come with side effects. Think about the repair mechanism as the mechanical system that drives your biological clock – the faster it works, the faster your clock will tick … and the rest is history.

About Ori Hofmekler — founder of Defense Nutrition and author of The Warrior Diet, is a nutritional and fitness expert. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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