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Hi Ori, I was wondering if I have one dinner that day how much gram of protein my body can absorb in one meal? Thanks

The question is not how much protein your body can absorb in a meal, but rather how much protein your body is wasting per meal. Well, that depends on the type of protein and how much of it you consume. The smaller the serving is, the higher the protein biological value becomes. Meaning the less protein you consume per meal, the more of it you utilize. And vice versa, the more protein you consume per meal, the less of it you utilize.

For instance, you can utilize about 30g net protein from a 30g serving and incredibly almost the same amount from a 60g serving. That’s about 50% protein waste in the larger 60g serving. Some reports indicate a staggering 80% protein waste in the typical diet. So how do you minimize protein waste?

Three tips:

  1. Have small serving of quality whey protein during the day. Whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) among all proteins, and that BV further increases when the whey is consumed in small servings;
  2. Eat your main meal after fasting. Fasting increases the bioavailability of the protein consume in the post fasting meal;
  3. Increase fuel food – fat or carbs – in your main meal. Fuel food increases the bioavailability of your protein, sparing it from being wasted as a substrate for energy.
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