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Ori Hofmekler featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Ori Hofmekler pioneered the intermittent fasting movement with his groundbreaking best-seller, “The Warrior Diet.” More than just an eating plan, however, it focuses on total human fitness. Check out this feature in Muscle & Fitness Magazine to see why.

Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and How to Be a Bona Fide Renaissance Man

Interview by Abel James (Fat-Burning Man) Ori Hofmekler is a fellow renaissance man; not only is he a world renowned artist, but he is also the author of the ground breaking Warrior Diet and many other health and fitness books. With a tagline like  “Not actively surviving… is passively dying!”  This guy is no joke, and is a wealth of […]

How to Maximize Your Muscle Performance and Fat Loss

Chad Waterbury Interviews Ori Hofmekler APRIL 9, 2012 What you eat before you suit up for the gym can have a profound effect on your performance and results. There’s a plethora of pre-workout supplements out there that all claim to help you build muscle, gain strength, or burn body fat. In my previous interviews with […]

How to Counteract Hormone Exposure

Estrogen is a fat storing hormone. When accumulated in excess in the body, estrogenic substances become a major obstacle to weight loss. Excess estrogen promotes enlargement of estrogen sensitive fat tissues in the belly and other areas, forming a STUBBORN FAT tissue that tenaciously resists fat burning. EstroX is formulated to naturally help counteract excess […]

Hormone Balancing – For a Lean Healthy Body

Estrogen mimicking chemicals are known for their fattening and sickening effects on the body. When in excess, estrogen substances bind to receptors in estrogen sensitive tissues causing enlargement of tissues, fat gain, metabolic disorders and disease. Estrogen is a fat storing hormone. When accumulated in excess in the body, estrogenic substances become a major obstacle […]

The Secret to Burning Stubborn Fat

Chad and Ori got together again, this time to discuss boosting thyroid and eliminating stubborn fat. Please see the interview below. Chad Waterbury: Ori, thanks for coming back to talk with us. First, explain why the thyroid is so important for fat loss and overall health. Ori Hofmekler: My pleasure, Chad. The thyroid hormones regulate […]

Post Workout Nutrition Demystified

Chad Waterbury, fitness trainer and author (www.chadwaterbury.com), recently sat down with Ori to discuss post-workout nutrition. Here is what Ori had to say on the subject: Chad Waterbury: Ori, throughout the majority of my career I’ve recommended fast-acting carbs with protein powder in the post-workout meal in order to get an insulin spike and shuttle […]

Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine Interview

Below is an interview that Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine conducted with Ori, written by Idai Makaya (www.idaimakaya.com). Continuing with the theme of intermittent fasting for martial arts weight management and performance, this month will feature one of the well established intermittent fasting regimes, called the Warrior Diet. This form of IF was developed by a […]