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GMO vs. Evolution…Have We GMOed Ourselves to a Point of No Return?

© Ori Hofmekler Probably the most dangerous man made substances are genetically modified organisms (GMOs). A GMO is an organism such as plant, animal or bacteria whose genome is altered via genetic engineering to accommodate industrial interests. Genetic engineering technologies have been routinely used in agricultural, pharmaceutical, and nutritional fields to yield multiple products. These […]

Ori Hofmekler featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Ori Hofmekler pioneered the intermittent fasting movement with his groundbreaking best-seller, “The Warrior Diet.” More than just an eating plan, however, it focuses on total human fitness. Check out this feature in Muscle & Fitness Magazine to see why.

A Glimpse Into The Smart Whey Protein Buyer’s Mind

You just finished a grueling workout. You’re tired. Physically drained. Exhausted. This is the moment you were looking for. You feel high and cool and now it’s time to compensate yourself for all that hardship. You reach for your gym bag and grab your whey protein container knowing the good you are about to do […]

Defense Nutrition CoCo Madness™ – Cocoa Energy Chewable

Woodland Hills, CA – September 25, 2013 Leading health supplements provider Defense Nutrition announced the introduction of its latest energy product, CoCo Madness™, the world’s first all-natural, cocoa-based energy chewable. As its newest release, Coco Madness™ joins Defense Nutrition’s cutting-edge product line, which already includes its pasture-raised, non-denatured Warrior Whey protein product as well as a line […]

The Paleo Diet vs. The Warrior Diet

These two popular, and often debated diets both base themselves off the “ancestral diet” theory, albeit with different visions and applications. The Paleo Diet reaches back to the days of the caveman whereas the Warrior Diet regimen has its roots in the periods of past warrior societies – the great Spartans, Romans and Macedonians – […]

The Latest from Defense Nutrition

Defense Nutrition has been developing some new innovative products created to fill a significant void in today’s marketplace. These upcoming releases include: CoCoMadness™ – Cocoa energy chewables Vegan PAC – Wholesome vegan protein in delicious Vanilla, Banana and Green Tea Ice Cream flavors. Like other Defense Nutrition products these new innovative items are designed to […]