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Have You Been Bailing On Your Sexual Potency?

Have you been trading off your libido for food? © Ori Hofmekler   Could your sexual potency become a casualty of excessive feeding? Could the oversizing of your body suppress your libido? This might seem crazy and politically incorrect but that’s exactly what biology science indicates – Nature Trades Off Reproduction for Growth (growth means […]

The Paradoxical Effects of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)….

                        ©Ori Hofmekler I was asked many times what’s my opinion on MGS, so here it is. There are two kinds of MSG: industrial and natural; apparently with opposite effects on the body. Industrial MSG Industrial MSG is a flavor enhancing salt known for […]

Is Aging a Disease? (part 2 of 2) – Can Aging Be Cured?

Click here to read part 1 of 2 of “Is Aging a Disease?” Can aging be cured? It has been speculated that eating a diet that mimics the early human diet, which had kept our species alive on this planet before processed foods took over, can help retain that youthful glow we once had. This […]

Is Aging a Disease? (part 1 of 2)

Is Aging A Disease?  (Can aging hit you at a young age?  Can it take over your body just as your body is unprepared?) Your body is under constant attack from stressors such as radiation, viruses, and bacteria – but yet you survive every day.  How is that?  Three words:  Resistance To Stress.  A great […]

High Protein Linked to Cancer? 3 Reasons Why It’s Rubbish!

Is High Protein Intake Linked to Cancer? Is Low Protein Intake the Solution? Where is the Truth? A recent article in the journal “Cell Metabolism” indicates that a high protein diet is linked to increased cancer rates among middle-aged humans; whereas a low proteins diet among the same age group is linked to lower rates […]