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Reader Mailbag

About Gut Flora and Obesity

Gut flora is essential not only for digestion of proteins and utilization of B vitamins, but also for protecting the body against bacterial infections and related inflammatory disorders. About 80 percent of your immune system resides in your gut, and research is stacking up showing that probiotics—beneficial bacteria—affect your health in a myriad of ways; […]

Creatine: The Dark Truth Behind the Muscle-Building Hype

So called “evidence” can be manipulated by industrial interests. Creatine has been the biggest money maker in sport nutrition. Only that in reality there is no such evidence. Quite the opposite. Growing body of scientific evidence indicates that anything that loads energy accelerates aging. And vice versa- anything that deplete energy delays aging. (Hence, fasting, […]

Issues of “Leaning Down” Phase of Bodybuilding

I would say that the “leaning down” phase of bodybuilding (which is typically limited to several weeks at a time) is actually a healthy regimen involving calorie restriction and energy depletion. However, there are two issues with that phase. First is the frequent feeding factor. For the adult body frequent feeding may spell overfeeding even […]

Are You Biologically Fit?

According to evolutionary rules: If you’re not biologically fit, nature will render you dispensable regardless to the size of your muscles. Do you see yourself fit? Can you bench press your body weight? How about doing ten pull ups or fifty push-ups? If you can, you’re probably fit by conventional standards. But according to nature, […]

How Many Grams of Protein Can Your Body Absorb in One Meal?

The question is not how much protein your body can absorb in a meal, but rather how much protein your body is wasting per meal. Well, that depends on the type of protein and how much of it you consume. The smaller the serving is, the higher the protein biological value becomes. Meaning the less […]

Reader Mailbag: Warrior Diet Food Questions

ANSWER: Generally animal based proteins yield highest biological value in their raw state. This is true for meat, fish and dairy including whey. However due to safety issue and high racemization rates of animal flesh food such as meat, fish and seafood. (racemization is a process where proteins convert from L form into D form […]

Optimal Carb Consumption: The Warrior-Approved Way

Your “addiction” to carbs must be addressed. Sugar hits the same opioid receptors in the brain as crack cocaine. What’s common to all kinds of addictions is the irresistible temptation. This is what I suggest: first step, prioritize your carbs. Whole bananas are better than conventional chocolate candies. Legumes and root vegetables are better than […]

Factors Affecting Protein Utilization

The main factor in protein utilization is insulin sensitivity. High insulin sensitivity allows you utilize maximum protein from minimum food. If your goal is is sustainability don’t even bother about your protein. If however your goal is to gain muscle gradually increase your protein intake until noticing results. Remember your training is a critical factor […]

Risks of the Apple Cider Vinegar

All vinegars including apple cider vinegar work like a double edge sword. On one hand vinegar triggers AMPK- an important stress response pathway that increases fatty acid oxidation and inhibits fat gain (also activated by fasting and exercise) and on the other hand it acidifies the body. Acidification of the body can be a serious […]

Low Feeding Frequency

Your body evolved for a low feeding frequency. Great body of evidence indicates that low feeding frequency and calorie restriction trigger stress response genes that extend the health span and life span of organisms- animals and humans a like. Do not force feed yourself and do not worry about the amount of food you “suppose […]