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Have You Been Bailing On Your Sexual Potency?

Have you been trading off your libido for food? © Ori Hofmekler   Could your sexual potency become a casualty of excessive feeding? Could the oversizing of your body suppress your libido? This might seem crazy and politically incorrect but that’s exactly what biology science indicates – Nature Trades Off Reproduction for Growth (growth means […]

The Truth About Fructose

Naturally Occurring Fructose in Fruit vs Industrial Fructose ©Ori Hofmekler Given the numerous questions we received about the consequences of having fructose in food, I’d like to put the record straight on this topic. Fructose is a monosaccharide component of sugar. In whole fruits, fructose occurs naturally along with nutrients and fiber that allow proper […]


What is Good Food? What is Bad Food? New definition of right and wrong nutrition. It has been commonly thought that food’s sole role is to nourish the body with essential nutrients, antioxidants and calories for sustainability and growth. Emerging body of research however indicates that food has another role – providing nutrients that delay […]

UPDATE: Dark Side of Creatine – The Science Behind the Truth

I apologize for my late response to these posts. I was on a long trip overseas. Regardless, I’d like to put the record straight regarding this topic.  (Read my first creatine post here) Creatine phosphate has been reported to inhibit AMPK activity (Ponticos M, Lu QL, Morgan JE, Hardie DG, Partridge TA, and Carling D. […]

Are You Biologically Fit?

According to evolutionary rules: If you’re not biologically fit, nature will render you dispensable regardless to the size of your muscles. Do you see yourself fit? Can you bench press your body weight? How about doing ten pull ups or fifty push-ups? If you can, you’re probably fit by conventional standards. But according to nature, […]

Why the Common Theory of “Anti-Aging Repair” Fails

How the body’s repair mechanism turns harmful and deadly? Oxidative damage can be life-threatening at any stage of life. For the body immediate repair is top priority – that’s to overdo any necessary task for short-term damage control and prevent immediate death. And like a wound that needs to be repaired to save a young […]

Do We Need To Take Glutathione Supplements?

Can we get better results from food alone? Glutathione is a key cellular component, known as the body’s most powerful antioxidant. It is a tri-peptide constructed from three amino acids through a special enzymatic process and appears in all cells and tissues. There is currently a great hype about glutathione supplementation. It is highly popularized […]

High Protein Linked to Cancer? 3 Reasons Why It’s Rubbish!

Is High Protein Intake Linked to Cancer? Is Low Protein Intake the Solution? Where is the Truth? A recent article in the journal “Cell Metabolism” indicates that a high protein diet is linked to increased cancer rates among middle-aged humans; whereas a low proteins diet among the same age group is linked to lower rates […]

Protected: Is Aging A Disease?

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